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Customize your control with our Distillery/Brewery Automation solutions

Phaedrus Automation is excited to showcase it's customized distillery controller. This touch-screen PLC brings all the control you could imagine right to your finger tips.

Let us bring your machine back to life

Sometimes bad things happen. Anyone who has been in any industry long enough will have seen the rise and fall of many good machines and various pieces of hardware. But why keep spare parts or let that expensive tool collect dust in the corner?

Learn how to code today!

Check out Business Industrial Network's variety of automation courses to help you get your career started, no matter your experience level.

Protect yourself, your employees, and your equipment

You don't need Bill Murray to tell you not to make toast in the bathtub, but electricity and even small amounts of water can pose a very real threat to the safety of anyone around.

Rush job? No problem

Deadlines can be hectic. When you have a customer who is expecting you to deliver on-time, a downed machine can be the cause of a great deal of concern. Phaedrus Automation has the parts, the tools, and the knowledge to get you back up and running ASAP.