Customize your control with our Distillery/Brewery Automation solutions

The days of push-buttons and seven-segment displays are over. Phaedrus Automation wants to bring you total control by custom designing a controller that fits any need your distillery or brewery may have, with the convenience and accessibility of your smart phone. Be able to check on the status of your whole operation at a glance, or look deeper into the efficiency of your production by viewing past data and trends. We at Phaedrus Automation understand that there are as many ways to set up a craft brewery/distillery as there are the people that run them, and we want to help you simplify your way of doing things. 

Staying relevant in today’s liquor industry isn’t an easy task. With the game steered towards “drink of the summer” fads there seems to be an ever increasing demand for new products on the market. Whether you want to run with these fads and try to develop a new unique taste of your own, or you want to refine the taste you’ve already established, there is value in being able to utilize your time to work on your product. Automated solutions can help mitigate the time spent on “busy work.” Why spend time dragging hoses around and draining tanks when you could be working on your brand? An automated system can be an asset in almost all areas of distilling/brewing, from small controllers to give you refined PID control of your still or mash-tun, to fully automated systems that can make your cuts or step-mash your beer. 

Phaedrus Automation wants you to use your imagination to dream big, and let us help you bring your dream to life. Technology is here and readily available to help turn your working days into vacation days. With remote VPN access to your controller you will be able to sit on any beach in the world and see what’s going on back home. It’s time to let the machines do the work. 

We were happy to team up with Quality Electric to complete this install. Serving Fort Saskatchewan and the Edmonton area for the last 8 years they were the first choice to help make this project happen. 

Check them out here

Big thanks to The Fort Distillery for being a pleasure to work with. The Fort Distillery is locally owned and operated, and over the past few years has become a prominent fixture of Fort Saskatchewan. Nathan and his staff do an excellent job of creating a warm and inviting atmosphere at their venue, and they really embody the spirit of a craft distillery. There is always something new and exciting in the works, like their new line of premium bottled cocktails. 

Check them out here

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